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The Good Lab

After months of preparation and dozens of long nights getting myself organized, I am happy to announce the launch of my new web development company, The Good Lab.... more

4 Similarities of Great Hip-Hop and Great Web Design

If you've ever met me (or even follow me on twitter) you would know two huge obsessions in my life are web design/development and hip hop music. Both of these passions stem from the creative spirit they both embody and also the modern, yet refined, twist both mediums have adapted from their earlier successor. Many people might not relate to the post because they don't like hip hop or immediately connect it to "Rap" music (which is a major faux pas in my book), and if thats you check out some of the music references in the post, maybe you'll see where I'm coming from.... more

A Little Reminder to Myself

I was looking through an old notebook of thoughts and ideas from last year and came across this list I wrote down. I don't exactly remember what inspired the list, but it was a nice little reminder to myself about what I obviously thought (and still think) is important.... more

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